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US-based man on sex charges Tourist teen is shot and killed Zoo trespasser bitten by croc Four dead in Honduras rains

A MAN extradited from the United States was remanded in custody yesterday after he was charged with sexual offences that allegedly occurred in 1968.

The defendant (82), who cannot be named, was charged with two counts of buggery. He denies the charges. The alleged incidents happened at different locations in the west of Ireland and involve the same complainant.

The accused, who had an address in Illinois in the US, was remanded in custody to appear at Loughrea District Court tomorrow.

Tourist teen is shot and killed

A 14-year-old Puerto Rican tourist was killed in front of her horrified family when she was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight attributed to warring gangs on the US Virgin Islands.

The girl and her family arrived in St Thomas aboard the Carnival Victory, a Carnival Cruise Line ship that departed Puerto Rico's capital of San Juan on Sunday.

Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer De La Cruz described it as an "unfathomable act of senseless violence".

Zoo trespasser bitten by croc

A man ejected from a pub in Australia broke in to a zoo and climbed on to the back of a crocodile named Fatso, which bit him on the leg but then let him go. Police said they were surprised the crocodile didn't inflict worse damage.

"He attempted to sit on its back and the croc has taken offence to that and has spun around and bit him on the right leg," said Broome Police Sgt Roger Haynes.

The saltwater crocodile then inexplicably let the man go, and he climbed back over the fence to safety, police said.

Four dead in Honduras rains

Four people have been killed and another injured following a week of heavy rains in Honduras.

The country's Permanent Emergency Commission says three men died Monday while trying to cross rain-swollen streams or rivers.

And one teenage boy was killed and an 11-year-old injured when their house partially collapsed in the capital Tegucigalpa yesterday.

Honduras has been hit by the heavy rains for about a week.