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Up to 30pc of water lost by faulty pipes


New investment plan for water supply in capital.

New investment plan for water supply in capital.

New investment plan for water supply in capital.

AREAS of Dublin are losing around 30pc of their total water supply through damaged infrastructure.


The capital’s water loss, due to damaged infrastructure, is less than the national average of 41pc, but the figure still represents a major headache for Irish Water.

Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI) showed that in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, water distribution losses were over 29pc in 2013.

Leak analysis last February, July and December revealed around 18,000 cubic metres of water were lost each day.

Each cubic metre is equal to 1,000 litres of water. A toilet flush uses around nine litres.

The Commission for Energy Regulation is yet to set the domestic rate for water but the commercial rate in Dublin is €1.99 per cubic metre.

The analysis for Fingal showed more erratic results.

In July, its worst period, the area’s water infrastructure lost almost 34pc of the water pumped through it, or 32,500 cubic metres a day.

That fell to 25,930 cubic metres a day, or 29pc, in December.

South Dublin had the best record, with an average leakage rate of 17pc throughout the year, or around 11,995 cubic metres a day.


The average loss was ahead of a 19pc target set by the council.

Figures from Dublin City Council were not available.

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce said Dublin’s water supply operates 1pc ahead of 
demand, but most capital cities in Europe had headroom of 20pc.

The chamber welcomed Irish Water’s three-year plan to invest €1.8bn in the country’s neglected water infrastructure.