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Unsettled weather and rain for the holiday weekend


Rain is expected to return

Rain is expected to return

Rain is expected to return

Ireland will swap balmy weather for chilly conditions and showers, with the May bank holiday weekend marked by spells of heavy rain.

Met Eireann has warned that there will be a change to unsettled conditions over the coming days, afternoon temperatures dropping by up to seven degrees compared to last week.

"[Today] will be a cool and bright day with some scattered showers, mainly in the north and north-west at first, but a few will develop further south as the day progresses," a spokesperson said.

"Southern coastal counties will be cloudy and misty at first, with patchy rain and drizzle, clearing during the morning with maximum temperatures of 11C to 15C.


"[Tomorrow] will be another cool, bright day with scattered showers.

"The best of the sunshine will be throughout the morning and evening hours, with cloudier periods occurring during the afternoon.

"Highs will be of 11C to 13C degrees. Showers will persist into Tuesday night, but there will be some dry and clear intervals too, especially early on."

However, the weather is expected to be wetter and colder from Wednesday morning.

"Wednesday will see a spell of rain likely to push in from the south-west, although the timing and northward extent of this rain is still open to some uncertainty. Munster and south Leinster have a reasonable chance of seeing some appreciable amounts of rain," a spokesperson added.

"Thursday will be mostly cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, but mainly dry conditions prevailing in the north-west."

The outlook for May bank holiday is unsettled, with Met Eireann adding: "It will be somewhat milder but largely unsettled conditions signalled with showers."