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'Unpaid intern can run my campaign'

A Dublin City councillor wants to hire an unpaid intern who will lead his campaign ahead of the local elections in May.

Fine Gael Cllr Paddy McCartan (below) from Pembroke in South Dublin, advertised for the position on his website last week and says he has already received a number of interested candidates.

The advertisement calls for a "young, enthusiastic intern" who will take a leading role in "executing campaign strategies and coordinating the campaign team" during the local election campaign.


Mr McCartan told the Herald unpaid interns were commonly taken on by politicians and said they would gain invaluable experience from the four-month placement and that the internship could be extended.

He said: "Interns are in the Dail and the Senate and I think some councillors possibly have interns. An awful lot of work goes into managing a local election campaign particularly in such a high-profile one where it's going to be competitive."

The internship is not part of the JobBridge scheme and if the successful candidate is in receipt of jobseekers' benefit, they will have to forfeit payments during the internship.

The standard working week will be Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and the internship will conclude following the elections in late May.