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Unions must suspend strike action

hundredS of thousands of public transport passengers and road users will have their travel plans disrupted again today as bus workers continue a 48-hour strike over planned privatisation of 10pc of routes.

Today's action comes after yesterday's stoppage, which led to morning and evening rush hour gridlock on the roads, delaying people's commute to work and impacting on the travel plans of other bus users such as elderly people and students.

The extent of the disruption surely eroded any initial goodwill to bus drivers. Public support will disappear if the unions go ahead with five more days of strikes planned for later this month.

Given the extent of the disruption to passengers, the commercial damage caused and the threat of legal action, Siptu and the NBRU should at this point suspend the remaining five days of strike action.

The unions have made their point. Now it's time for them to return to talks with Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann, which is the only way this issue can be resolved.