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Uncle tells of victim's family agony

INNOCENT doorman Wayne Barrett who was gunned down while at work has just awoken from a lengthy coma.

Wayne Barrett (31) was critically injured when a gunman opened fire and sprayed bullets aimed at the front of The Players Lounge in Fairview last July.

Two innocent customers were also injured in the violent attack and Wayne's injuries have had a traumatic effect on his family.

Wayne's uncle, Martin Cummins, said that Wayne's life has been changed forever in the course of his job.

"His job was to protect the safety and the welfare of the patrons of his workplace," he said. "And he took that very seriously."

"To think that a few seconds could so alter a person's life and leave them in that situation, to see my sister and the effect it had on her," he added.

Martin said that it was a sheer miracle that the three survived the random assault.

"I'll never forget the upset and the emotion in my sister's voice as she describes seeing her son and the effect the assault had on him," he said.

"But despite the initial signs Wayne is doing relatively very, very well at the moment," he added. "After a long period in a coma, he's awake now."


And Martin appealed to those who were involved in the vicious attack to come forward to gardai.

"What have you accomplished? It has brought you nothing," he said.

"This should not be tolerated and I would ask anyone who's listening to take a few moments and ask themselves, is this the kind of society that we want to bequeath to our children?"

On this tonight's Crimecall on RTE, Gardai appeal to members of the public for any information they believe might help the investigation.

Meanwhile, the other innocent victim, Brian Masterson (30), is suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome since the random attack.

His brother said that he has been suffering from nightmares and regular bouts of vomiting.

Terry Masterson (24) told the Herald that his brother had been struggling with psychological issues since the attack.


"He's being doing much better but he is still feeling the effects, he still gets nightmares and bouts of vomiting when he thinks of that night," he revealed.

Customer Austen Purcell (23) is still recovering in hospital following the attack.

Doctors believe that he was hit with between eight to ten bullets but his aunt, Betty Purcell, said that he is pulling through.

"It's a miracle. Yesterday he was let home for a few hours. He has had a rough time and a lot of his injuries are still ongoing."

The bullets hit Austin in the leg, abdomen, chest and arm during the attack.

"He's making a really good recovery and he's positive for the future," she said.

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