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Ultimate job for a couch potato - get paid to watch telly

IT sounds almost too good to be true - but you could be paid handsomely to sit and watch TV programmes as part of an incredible job opportunity.

Movie buffs across the country will be pinching themselves as Netflix announced their latest job offer - to watch movies all day.

The American streaming provider are searching for an Ireland-based 'Tagger'.

This is someone who analyses films and TV shows so that Netflix can connect the titles to people who would most likely enjoy them.

This is the first time that the world-leading subscription service is looking for a Tagger outside the US, choosing instead to give people in Ireland and the UK the opportunity to apply.

As unlikely as it sounds, the successful applicant will be tasked with watching hours of TV programmes and films and paid for all of that "hard work".

Taggers are among a small amount of people who also have the opportunity to watch the newest series that Netflix has to offer, such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

There are only 40 taggers around the world, whose job description entails loving films, of all genres, from all countries and keeping an open mind to all styles imaginable.


Applicants need a degree or strong backround in film and TV and Netflix bosses will be looking for someone with a strong, analytical mind.

As a tagger, the individual will analyse the movies and TV shows so that Netflix can connect those titles to their viewers whether it is thriller, rom-com or science fiction.

A spokesperson for Netflix said the job description of a tagger is widely varied but that applicants must at least be passionate about film and television.

"It's a little bit of art, it's a little bit of science and is so super accurate that it sometimes feels like we're reading minds or tea-leaves," the representative said.

Netflix was set up in 1997, but has only really taken off in Ireland over the last couple of years.

The company works primarily out of its headquarters in California, in Silicon Valley.

They offer subscription services in 40 different countries and boast that they have over 48 million viewers worldwide.