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Ulster chaos won't be fixed by Friday's payday, says bank

THOUSANDS more workers are set to be hit by the Ulster Bank fiasco by Friday, the lender has admitted.

The bank said the computer glitch affecting automated payments and causing chaos at the lender will not be fully solved until next week.

The embarrassing debacle has led parent company Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to cancel its corporate hospitality at Wimbledon.

"Under the circumstances, we felt it would be inappropriate to provide client hospitality at Wimbledon," RBS said.

Of most concern to customers at the moment will be their monthly salaries.

For many, the money is due to be in their accounts on Friday, which is payday for thousands of workers.

But Ulster Bank has admitted some of its own customers will have problems accessing their cash.

If that is the case, they will have to personally go to a branch with identification and a payslip in order to get the money.


While most salary payments for corporate customers are up to date, a smaller number of account holders may still be affected, the bank said.

It said no customer would be left out of pocket by the colossal blunder but that "full services" will not be restored until the beginning of next week.

Ulster Bank had expected to solve the problem by Monday. As many as 80 Ulster Bank branches will remain open until 7pm for the remainder of this week.

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