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Ukrainians ban gay-pride rally

A court has banned what would have been Ukraine's first gay-pride demonstration.

Kiev's district court upheld a law suit by city authorities, who argued that the rally would disturb annual Kiev Day celebrations and spark violence.

Last year, organisers cancelled the event at the last minute when skinheads gathered at its planned location, intent on beating up the participants.

Lingering attitudes from the Soviet era, when homosexuality was illegal, and the influence of Orthodox Christianity ensure antipathy toward gays remains strong in Ukraine.


A Russian court has denied parole to a member of the Pussy Riot punk group.

The decision followed a plea by Paul McCartney for authorities to consider releasing band members on parole.

In its ruling, the court accepted a claim by prosecutors that Maria Alyokhina had systematically disobeyed prison authorities and failed to repent for her crime, Russian media reported. Ms Alyokhina went on a hunger strike after being barred from the court hearing.



Pakistani authorities once arrested an American citizen now known to have been killed in a US drone strike in the country, but he escaped after being released on bail.

The Obama administration revealed that Jude Kenan Mohammad died in a US drone strike in Pakistan's tribal region, making him the fourth American citizen killed by unmanned aircraft in Pakistan and Yemen. Mohammad was indicted in 2009 as part of an alleged plot to attack a US Marine Corps base but fled to Pakistan.



A spate of attacks by Islamic extremist rebels in Somalia capital Mogadishu is forcing investors to have second thoughts about what good they can accomplish.

Somalis living overseas are returning, bringing new foreign investment capital with them. But a spate of attacks is threatening those gains.