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UH OH, MUM... little Jacob gets 5 cent coin stuck between his front teeth

Three-year-old Jacob Ryan is rushed to A&E after getting a five cent coin stuck between his front teeth.

The little boy has to be sedated and wrapped in a blanket to keep him still while Emergency Consultant Dr Samir Dieratany carefully removes the coin.

The drama ends within a few seconds and Jacob is seen smiling in the arms of his mother Natasha on tonight's TV3 fly-on-the-wall series on Temple Street Children's Hospital.

"I don't even know where he got the money from," said Natasha O'Brien, Jacob's mum.


"He's one of the kids that you have to watch. He's very curious and big into screwdrivers, anything electric." She said afterwards "the minute he saw it was out, he just wanted the money".

The cameras also follow tiny Aoife Mannix whose life is threatened by a very severe dose of whooping cough.

Her dad Eddie is unable to hold his tiny infant daughter for six weeks while she struggles for life in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

At seven weeks old, baby Aoife became unwell and after a week in hospital in Cork she was transferred to the intensive care unit in Dublin where doctors diagnosed whooping cough and had to put her on a ventilator.

"Nothing prepared us for this, we were living in our own little bubble," says Eddie, who describes the helplessness he and his wife Martina feel sitting by Aoife's bed for more than five weeks. "Half the stuff they were testing for we'd never heard of in our lives."

The couple spend weeks in the hospital as doctors and nurses try to help Aoife recover from the intensive treatments and medication needed to pull her through.

Initially doctors fear she may have been brain damaged by all of the procedures to save her life and when this is ruled out by a brain scan, the relief of her parents is palpable.

Eddie breaks down when Aoife is finally well enough for him to hold, after six weeks.

Six-year-old Anna Drumm, who needs her tonsils removed to help her breathing at night because of disturbed sleep, is the third child in tonight's programme.

Anna's mum Laura goes down with her daughter as she is being prepared for surgery and is also very relieved to find the operation has been a success.

Temple Street Children's Hospital is on TV3 tonight at 8.30pm