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'Ugliest bride I've ever photographed' - Wedding photographer under fire for Facebook comments following altercation with 'Bridezilla'



A feud between a bride and her wedding photographer has gone viral after comments were left by his official Facebook Page on photographs labelling the bride "the ugliest bride I'd ever photographed' and accusing her of 'whinging the whole time'.

The photographer, who claims the comments were a result of a Facebook hack, had clashed with the bride on several occasions since he photographed her big day.

The bride, Ashlea Howard, claims that photographer Maxwell Judd was "acting bizarre" on their wedding day.

"He was definitely one of the cheaper photographers but now I know why" she said. "He was acting like some artsy-fartsy creative, it was just a bit bizarre".

The wedding was held in NSW last February and Howard claims it has been almost impossible to obtain the photographs of the day. She claims that not only were 90 per cent of the 1200 photographs overexposed and blurry, but that Judd then posted a USB of the photographs to the wrong woman.

"She had all my photos and I called him and he said he had sent them when he hadn't".

"I had been holding my breath every day to get those photos".

The Howards claim that Judd insisted he had sent the photographs to the right address based on her mother's advice, at which point she claims he was informed that Ashley Howards mother had died when she was a teenager. Howard then says Judd 'hung up' the phone.

Judd refutes all of Howard's claims and says that the offensive message posted on her wedding photographs was the result of a hacker.

He wrote on the Page: "Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening".

‘I don’t even know anything about that post,’ he told the Daily Mail Australia.

‘Not long after the hacking started to happen I just unpublished the page and I haven’t bothered to even go there.’

He hit back at negative comments and reviews left on his Facebook Page following the 'hacked' comments going viral.

"For all those that have joined in on the insults... I pity you people".

"Since the hack I have had a few hundred new likes... I'm booked up until 2019".

"For those adding negative reviews, keep them coming. They only promote my business for the better".



A Facebook group has been set up for brides to share feedback on the photographs they received from Judd, and several angry customers have been spurred to leave negative reviews on his Facebook page. Over 300 people have joined the Facebook group.

Responding to negative commenters he wrote "Your jealously of my skills and talent is sad to see", and "Get a life you silly people".

The original photos and posts referred to in this article appear to have now been removed.

Other comments from the 'hacked' page include "get your head off your brother's groin" and accusing a different bride of being "in the male toilets with two of the guests".



Mrs Howard said that she is "absolutely mortified" at the photographer's "disgusting" and "unacceptable" behaviour.