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UFC hero's beginnings

Good things come to those who wait - and train hard.

Conor McGregor has come a long way from playing in front of five supporters and a dog at Crumlin's Yellowstone Celtic to commanding a crowd of tens of thousands for his UFC fight in Las Vegas.

His former club in south Dublin have nothing but good things to say about the former striker and are happy enough to admit that Conor chose the right sport to pursue.

And pursue he did.

Conor trained incredibly hard to be named interim UFC Featherweight Champion and is gearing up to fight Jose Aldo - who pulled out at the last minute due to injury - for the full title shot.

Meanwhile, the side who play in Leinster Senior League said that they'd welcome the MMA champ back, if he ever wanted to return to the football pitch.

Although it is a very kind offer, somehow we feel Conor has other titles on his mind.