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UCD to probe claims of €1.6k tree damage

UCD is investigating claims its students were involved in causing €1,600 worth of damage to trees in a southside suburb.

Allegations have emerged that a charity event involving the college's agricultural science society (AgSoc) at The Goat pub in Goatstown descended into booze-fuelled "mayhem".

On the same night, a number of sapling trees on the Goatstown Road were snapped in half.

Fianna Fail Councillor Gerry Horkan said a "whole lot of trees" were broken in the area.

Dun Laoghaire County Council's parks department said €1,600 worth of damage was done, he said.

"There was also a whole lot of shouting and roaring on the same night as the event," said Mr Horkan, who claimed the UCD societies' officer, Richard Butler, is investigating the complaints. Mr Butler could not be contacted by the Herald.

However, UCD student advisor Ros McFeely said it is not at all clear that the events as described "actually relate" to the fundraiser.


She said the rowdiness and damage to trees seem to have happened after the organisers of the event had left.

The initial report, which appeared in UCD's college newspaper The University Observer, said the event on September 28 last turned into "alcohol-induced mayhem", with an ambulance and the gardai called.

The paper said it received complaints that, between about 10.35pm and 3am, there was "shouting, swearing, urinating in public, breaking of glasses and bottles" and the "destruction of a number of trees on the Goatstown Road".

It quoted a representative of The Goat saying students who refused to leave as the bar closed broke a table and four chairs.

When contacted by the Herald, a manager at the venue said no one would be commenting.

Ms McFeely said "a girl fell and hit her head off a radiator and that is why the ambulance was called".

A garda spokesman said they had no report of an incident at The Goat on the night of September 28.

It is believed the AgSoc made a formal apology for their members' behaviour on the night.