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UCD alert at campus outbreak of mumps


Aerial photograph taken of Belfield

Aerial photograph taken of Belfield

Aerial photograph taken of Belfield

UCD has issued a mumps alert after several students on campus have been diagnosed with the condition - which at its worst can cause sterility or lead to meningitis.

Students, particularly those aged under 25, have been urged to ensure they have had two MMR vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella and if not to get immunised.

"Please check, and if you are not sure, students are strongly advised to come into the student health service for an MMR vaccine," a student notice said.

The vaccine has been offered for free to the university's students however there is a doctor's fee of €25 to administer the vaccine.

"The mumps virus is spread from person to person by kissing, coughs and sneezes.


"Mumps causes fever, headache and usually painful swollen salivary glands with swollen cheeks or jaws.

"Complications may cause inflammation of the testicles and ovaries. Sterility occurs very rarely," the note said.

Students with mumps have been asked to stay out of college for at least five days.

There has a been resurgence of potentially fatal diseases in recent years, as the full effects of a paper that fraudulently linked the MMR vaccine to autism become apparent.

The 1998 work, by disgraced English doctor Andrew Wakefield, was published in the Lancet causing an international collapse in vaccination levels.