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UB40 singer in studio collapse

Former UB40 frontman Ali Campbell has been ordered to rest by doctors after collapsing in the studio and being diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus.

The singer had what he thought was flu as he rounded off recording a new album in west London and had to be taken to hospital when his temperature soared.

Campbell will be rescheduling some of his live dates to allow him to rest.

A statement released said: "The virus can be very debilitating and doctors have subsequently advised him to have eight weeks complete rest."

Rebel attack kills 14 police

Suspected left-wing rebels killed 14 police officers and wounded seven in an ambush of a five-truck convoy in southern Colombia.

The police casualties were among 45 caribiniers who were on patrol when attackers detonated bombs then opened fire, police General Santiago Parra said from the nearby provincial capital of Florencia.

He blamed the attack in the municipality of Doncello on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

El Salvador ban on street gangs

El Salvador has made it illegal to belong to a street gang following an attack on a bus that killed 17 people.

The law makes gang membership punishable by four to six years in prison and leaders face up to 10 years.

President Mauricio Funes introduced the law in July, after suspected members of the Mara 18 gang shot at the bus and set it on fire.

Amnesty ends in Zimbabwe

South africa is withdrawing the special status granted to illegal Zimbabwean immigrants who fled their country's economic meltdown and political violence.

Government spokesman Themba Maseko said South Africa would begin deportations after December 31, bringing to an end an April 2009 amnesty that allowed Zimbabweans to stay in the country without passports and visas.

Zimbabwe was hit by violence after disputed 2008 election results returned Robert Mugabe to power.