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U2's Edge thinks about singing solo on album, but he's too busy

He is world famous as a guitarist with U2, but The Edge has entertained thoughts about recording a solo studio album.

"I have occasionally thought about it, and I'm singing more than I have ever sung. I even contemplate the idea that I might sing something on a solo album. But there's never any time," the musician said.

"To be honest, if I was to carve out a month or two and knock out a solo album, I know I would not be happy with it. I would torture myself and run out of time and it wouldn't be fun.

"And that's the thing about working with U2 that I figured out early on when I actually did a few solo things. Whatever about it giving you the opportunity to express your artistic instincts without any other people ruining them; it's so much fun to be in a band. It's so much more fun to work with U2 than doing a solo thing," said the band member, whose real name is David Evans.

He was speaking to TXFM Drive host Joe Donnelly to mark the release of the band's album, Songs of Innocence.

Speaking about the now infamous iTunes deal, where users were given the album for free, The Edge said: "You can't please everyone. It's a free album.

"But, I do understand for some people they felt it was an unwelcome gift. I mean, I was saying to Bono, in our heads we were leaving a free carton of milk on people's doorsteps but actually what happened is, it was placed in their fridge".