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Tyre dumps targeted in bonfire battle

DUBLIN City Council is to target car tyre outlets in a crackdown aimed at preventing Halloween bonfires.

They have identified a series of tyre suppliers which are not compliant with an agreed disposal system.

In a report, officials say: "Preparations are under way to deal with the stockpiling of and collection of bonfire materials in the area. Removal of tyres has already taken place from locations and cooperation has been received from local gardai."

Council staff have already drawn up a list of outlets that are "not compliant with the self regulatory systems for safe disposal" of old tyres.

"Each of these premises is scheduled for inspection in the next fortnight and a report will issue from waste enforcement following this. Further action will be taken," the report states.

The council has also put in place an operation to reduce the number of wood pallets stockpiled for bonfires.

"Plans are in place for litter wardens and gardai to visit premises in the market area to investigate how waste pallets are being disposed of," it says.


Public domain and environmental units are to be made available to remove "bonfire materials as required in the run up to Halloween".

"Plans are also in place to have staff on call as in 2010 over the course of the Halloween weekend to deal with reports of bonfire materials," the report adds.

The council says no Halloween bonfires are legal, being banned for environmental, health and safety reasons. As well as tyres, other toxic materials like canisters end up in bonfires, while the piles of wood and debris sometimes collapse or blaze out of control, it warns.

Last year, the council spent an estimated €1m bill clean up afterwards.

This was despite collecting hundreds of tonnes of material from across the city prior to the Halloween weekend.

In Dublin alone, emergency services were called out to 632 incidents between over a 30-hour period, down from 871 call-outs in 2009.

One Dublin Fire Brigade engine had its windscreen smashed by vandals in the Finglas area of Dublin city.

Fire crews were also pelted with stones in various incidents around the city.