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Tyre 'bomb' packed with nails is declared a hoax

The army bomb squad carried out two controlled explosions on a tyre bomb which had been left outside a business premises in Edenmore near Raheny yesterday.

Gardai are investigating the incident in which a chilling and sinister message was painted on to the large van tyre before it was packed with nails and wires and left outside the shop at Edenmore Shopping Centre some time in the early morning.

The message named a man to which was added "RIP".

Local sources said the tyre and its contents were seen at the scene in Edenmore Avenue from as early as 9.30am, but gardai were not notified until lunchtime.


"It was there from early enough. There were people walking right by it on their way to Mass, and children going past it on their way to the shops," said one local woman.

Gardai sealed off the section of the shopping centre and its surrounding roads while the Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit was alerted.

A cordon was placed around the scene and a number of apartments over the shops, as well as nearby houses, were evacuated as a precaution while the device was being inspected.

"It's very sinister. People don't know what to think or know what it is all about," said a local as she waited to get back into her home.

The bomb squad used a remote-controlled robot to survey the device safely.

At 3.20pm a loud bang was heard as a controlled explosion was carried out on the contents of the tyre.

However, after an inspection the device was still not declared safe and a second explosion, which was considerably louder, was heard at 3.35pm.

The remains of the tyre bomb were then examined closely and declared to be an elaborate hoax.

The bomb squad passed the fragments to gardai based at Coolock garda station who are now investigating the incident.

The Herald spoke to the family of a man who is believed to have been the target of the device.

They said that while they were made aware of the tyre bomb and that the area around it had been cordoned off, they did not know any reason why their relative would be targeted in this way.

"We got a shock when we heard about it, but we don't know what it could all be about," they said.

The man, whose name is the same as that painted on the tyre, has operated a business from a premises in Edenmore for a number of years and is well-known and respected in the area, according to local residents.