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Tycoon's son dubbed 'Bat Man'

THE man that Eddie Irvine became involved in a nightclub altercation is known to the Italian media as 'Bat Man'.

Gabriele Moratti, right, is Milan's original wild child and although the brawl with Irvine has landed him with a six-month jail sentence, it wasn't his first time in front of a judge.

In April 2013, Moratti was in court for turning almost 450 sqm of work space into a luxury home without planning permission – an offence he committed in 2010, while his mother was still in office.

The Italian media dubbed it the "Bat Cave", because the lavish home included a shooting range, a pool with a draw bridge and an underground training facility.

Moratti is a member of one of Italy's most influential families – with ties to important figures in the country's politics, economics and sport spheres.

His father, Gianmarco, is the president of Saras, an energy provider that refines oil and produces electricity from its base on the island of Sardinia.