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Tycoon Crosbie ready for docklands dispute over container village

Harry Crosbie and the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) are at loggerheads over new plans for land beside the O2.

The developer has applied to Dublin City Council to be allowed to set up a temporary performance and market area at the Point Village Square on East Wall Road.

He also wants to install exhibition spaces, all in structures built from shipping containers.

However, the DDDA has written to the council outlining its strong objections to the plan.

The authority said it believes it is important to provide "quality public open space at early stages in the development of an area".

It added that the "proposal is unacceptable in terms of the material finishes proposed".

The DDDA said: "The proposed temporary development is not in the spirit of policies set out in the Dublin Docklands Master Plan 2008 or the North Lotts Planning Scheme."

A submission from Amphitheatre Ireland Ltd, the operator of the O2, said it considers the proposal would have a "significant negative impact" on the venue.


It said it is likely to "detract from the special character of the O2".

In a request from additional information, the city council asked the applicants, the Point Village Development, of which Mr Crosbie is a director, to address the concerns of Amphitheatre Ireland.

Earlier this year, Mr Crosbie was granted planning permission to build a Dublin version of the London Eye on the same land. The €10m wheel will operate for up to four years.

It means that Mr Crosbie is likely to beat the DDDA in the race to build the first Dublin Eye. The DDDA is planning to build one at George's Dock or Custom House Quay.

It had lodged an observation on Mr Crosbie's plan, saying the planning scheme for the area "does not envisage a development of the type proposed".

It said the "proposal, albeit temporarily, would delay the implementation of a previously certified development for a mixed use" building.