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Two were killed 'over drugs debt'

A HEROIN addict and a ruthless criminal are suspected to have shot a young father dead over an outstanding drugs debt in his home as he attempted to escape out the back door.

A mother of three children, Breda Waters (28), suffered the same fate as Des Kelly (23) in his Limerick home after she stayed in the Southill house following a night socialising there.

The prime suspects, wanted for the murder of Kelly and Waters, were in custody last night as gardai continued their search for the shotgun used to kill the two victims.

It is suspected that Kelly -- who used drugs and sold small batches of heroin -- was shot dead by a well-known criminal from the southside of Limerick and another drug user over an unpaid debt.

Waters' sister, Tina (18) was with Breda before she was shot. The two sisters got a phone call from Kelly to come over to his O'Malley Park home for drinks.

Tina said neither she nor her slain sister knew Kelly.

"We had a few drinks -- me, Breda, Matthew, Dessie Kelly, Theresa Kelly. Dessie's newborn baby girl was also there. I left at 2am.

"Breda rang me again at 5.25am to come back, but I said I was too tired.

"Breda said: 'Go on so, love, I'll talk to you tomorrow, night.' I said: 'Love, you' and she said, 'Love you too, night'. That was the last words I heard from my sister's mouth."

Gardai believe the shootings at the terraced home in Castle Oaks View, O'Malley Park took place on Sunday morning at 9am.

It is understood that Kelly opened the front door to his assassins, a row took place and he attempted to flee out the back door before he was shot fatally in the head by one of the assailants armed with a shotgun.

A total of four men and three women, aged from their 20s to their 50s, were being questioned by gardai last night about the murders.