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Two-thirds of Irish people are browsing web every day


1 in 6 have never used the internet

1 in 6 have never used the internet

1 in 6 have never used the internet

The number of Irish people using the internet on a daily basis has almost tripled in the last eight years, meaning almost three million of us browse the web every day.

Approximately 65pc of the population use the internet regularly, in comparison to only 25pc in 2006. The figure is up by 40 percentage points over the last eight years when only a quarter of the country used the internet on a daily basis.

The internet usage can be put down to the growing number of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as the use of cloud services.

Other services like TV and movie streaming website Netflix has also added to the boom in the numbers going online.

Meanwhile, cloud computing was not in widespread use by the public eight years ago.

The numbers who have never used the internet before have dropped significantly.

Only 768,000 (16pc) have not used the internet, according to the survey released by Eurostat.

This has dropped considerably in the last eight years, when 42pc had never visited the web.

The Irish rank just below the EU average (18pc) in terms of people who have never used the internet, but are well behind countries such as Denmark, where only 3pc of the population have never gone online.

The survey also found over a third (39pc) of Romania's population have not used the web.

More than a quarter of Irish people are using cloud services, for reasons including protection against data loss, the use of larger memory space and access to large libraries of music, films and TV programmes.


In cloud computing, the word cloud is used as a metaphor for "the internet", where different services - such as servers, storage and applications - are delivered to an organisation's devices through the internet.

The Eurostat survey covered individuals aged 16-74 years old, with residents being asked about the frequency of their internet use and about the activities they had carried out on the web in the last three months prior to the survey,