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Two quit 1916 group beset by 'squabbles'

TWO members of the 1916 Relatives Association including its chairman David Kilmartin have quit over what he described as "petty squabbles and personality clashes".

Secretary Una MacNulty has also stepped down from the organisation representing relatives of those who fought in 1916 over the bitter internal row.

The group has been beset by difficulties and boycotted the Government's 2016 draft programme launch event in November 2014.

After months of frustrations and clashes with other committee members, Mr Kilmartin announced his decision to stand down.


"Hi Una, I know it is not going to come as a great surprise, I am resigning my position as chairperson and committee membership with immediate effect," Mr Kilmartin wrote in an email on January 30.

"The decision to resign was a difficult one but ongoing petty squabbles and personality clashes regarding the direction of the organisation led to my decision to leave the group," he wrote.

Ms MacNulty, also resigned by email last week. "I can no longer be member of a committee that I believe to be undemocratic and opaque," she told committee members.

A spokesperson for the group, Donna Cooney responded to the claim that it is undemocratic.

"This is just a couple of individuals. We have had no ordinary members resign," she said.