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Two presidential hopefuls kicked out of meeting


Sarah Louise Mulligan

Sarah Louise Mulligan

Sarah Louise Mulligan

Two presidential hopefuls were kicked out of a meeting at South Dublin Council yesterday after farcical scenes erupted.

Four candidates were given the chance to deliver a 10-minute pitch at a special meeting of the local authority on why they deserve to be the next president of Ireland.

But after a vote it was decided that the council would not nominate any candidate for the upcoming election.

During the course of Sarah Louise Mulligan's speech, the Dublin nominee accused Cllr Dermot Looney of making sly remarks before approaching him and demanding an apology.

Ms Mulligan (36), who describes herself as a pro-life candidate, began her presentation by outlining the issues she would focus on as president, including child abuse, suicide and setting up new pregnancy crisis centres.


"We need someone who's going to mend broken souls and broken hearts," she said.

"I'm sick of politicians. Are you sick of politicians, because I am? They're all talk and no action. I can talk for Ireland as you can see."

At this point, Cllr Looney said: "I don't think you will be."

Taking offence at his comment, Ms Mulligan said: "What was that? Was that a smart comment?

"Don't you silence me. I have every right to stand up here and speak. What are you doing being smart?"

Another candidate, Norma Burke, aka Bunty Twuntingdon McFluff, interrupted the exchange from the public gallery as part of a satirical stunt. Both women were escorted from the chamber.

The other candidates who spoke at the meeting were Marie Goretti Moylan, Gemma O'Doherty and John O'Hare.