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Two men are held in Don murder probe

TWO members of a north Dublin gang were today arrested over the murder of mobster, Eamon Dunne.

One of the gang members was taken from Mountjoy prison by murder hunt detectives this morning.

It follows a major breakthrough in the case.

Detectives identified the men who bought the VW Passat used in the murder of Dublin drugs kingpin Dunne -- known as the Don.

The suspects, both in their 20s, are closely associated with a north inner city gang.

It's a massive breakthrough for gardai -- who are now confident of bringing all four killers to justice.

Detectives believe a number of gangs got together to kill Dunne.


One of the reasons, sources said, for his murder was that he was carrying on affairs with other gang member's wives and girlfriends.

The arrests are the first in the month-long probe into Dunne's murder at the Faussagh House pub.

The pair are being held at Whitehall and Mountjoy garda stations and can be quizzed for up to 72 hours.

There were four men directly involved in the killing, with two gunmen entering the Faussagh House pub in Cabra before shooting Dunne (32) six times, three times as he lay on the ground.

He was sitting next to his teenage daughter at the time of the killing, on April 23 last. One was taken from Mountjoy Prison, it is understood, for the questioning while the other was picked up by gardai in the Dublin area.

The two suspects are in their 20s and are being held under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act and can be held and questioned for at least 72 hours.

Dunne’s murder is believed to have been the work of a ruthless young gang of thugs from the north Dublin inner city.

Dunne was one the country’s most notorious and ruthless criminals, who has been linked to more than a dozen murders.

He was shot in front of a pub full of people celebrating a birthday party.

Two men entered the pub, while another kept watch at the door and the fourth waited in the getaway vehicle.

The car was abandoned not far from the scene but an attempt to burn it out failed, leaving vital clues for gardai. It is understood that a glove was found in the car.

Gardai also carried out detailed forensic tests in the hope of finding DNA evidence.

A large team of detectives from across the city have been working on the case, which ranks among the most highprofile gangland killings ever in Ireland.

A post mortem revealed that he had been shot six times in the head and upper body from close range. The killer used a 9mm automatic pistol.

The Don’s death has also sparked fears of a turf war between his understudies who may want to take over the running of his lucrative drug empire.

Gardai have been investigating a number of motives for this murder.

Dunne had an extensive list of enemies in the Dublin underworld and would have crossed swords with not just rival gangs but also members of his own units.

He took control of the Finglas- based drugs outfit in 2006 following the murder of the notorious Martin Marlo Hyland.

It is widely believed that Dunne ordered that hit which also resulted in the slaying of innocent young plumber Anthony Campbell.

Dunne had been warned by gardaí his life was in danger and often wore a bullet-proof vest, but was said to be relaxed on the night of his death.