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Two little boys - Alyan (3) and his brother Galip (5) are now the symbols of Europe's migrant crisis


Alyan and Galip

Alyan and Galip

Alyan and Galip

Two little boys - the big brother putting an arm around his younger brother as they smile politely for the camera.

Another photograph shows the Aylan (3) and his big brother Galip (5) with a teddy bear, with both smiling sweetly for the camera.

Aylan is now known throughout the world as the toddler who was found on a beach near the Turkish town of Bodrum.

Galip drowned in the tragedy too, as did their mother Rihan.

Their father Abdulllah is said to have survived, according to the BBC.

The family were among a number of migrants attempting to reach the Greek holiday island of Kos.

Heartbreaking photographs of Alyan lying lifeless on a Turkish shoreline have gone global - encapsulating the full horror of the European migrant crisis.

It's understood Alyan's family were attempting to reach Europe is a bid to flee the brutal Syrian civil war.

Turkish media have reported that the family of Alyan hail from the Kurdish-dominated northern region of Syria.

According to the United Nations, some at least 230,000 men, women and children have lost their lives in the conflict so far.

Out of a population of 22 million, some 6.5 million are now recorded as "displaced".

According to reports, the two boys and their mother were among 12 people who died after one of the their two boats heading to Kos from Bodrum capsized.

Both boats sank a short while after leaving Bodrum.

Nine people survived - another two people are still missing, presumed drowned.