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Two in five rethink holidays over cash

TWO out of five Irish people admit changing holiday plans for financial reasons.

The property tax could account for the large increase this year in the number of people changing their holiday plans for financial reasons.

Last year's figure was 20pc – this year, it stands at 41pc.

The recession has continued to have a major effect on the holiday plans of Irish people due to lack of money to spend on getting away, a MyHome.ie survey has shown.

"I'm not surprised by the huge rise; it has been the trend lately," James Rogers, MyHome.ie site editor, said.

"We've had the property tax, maybe a water charge coming in, there's already talk of the budget, too, so people are having to think more about their money."

While some Irish people are changing their plans, others are still holidaying abroad.

The survey of almost 2,500 people showed 44.5pc of Irish people are still going abroad for their main holiday this year. The figure shows a jump of 5.5pc on last year, but still lags behind the 53pc figure recorded in 2010.