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Two held in probe into dad killing

Two men have been arrested in the investigation into the murder of dad-of-two Darren Falsey in Co Cork.

The men, one in his 20s and the other in his 30s, were arrested early today and are being detained at Mayfield and Togher Garda Stations.

Mr Falsey (37) was gunned down after he answered the front door of his Carrigaline home. His murder is believed to be related to a feud or a debt he may have owed to a Cork-based criminal.

The arrests come just two weeks after gardai investigating the murder recovered the handgun used to carry out the killing, during a search of a wooded area in North Cork.

The discovery was made during a number of searches being carried out into organised crime and drug-related activity.

At the time of his killing, Gardai investigated whether Mr Falsey had received a warning bullet in the post a month earlier. He was shot three times with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol after answering the door at his home.

He was shot twice in the side and once in the head, and it is believed the killer stood over him to fire the third shot in an execution style. Mr Falsey had spent the morning in Cork city with his partner, Lorraine, and her child.

But he changed his plans and decided to return home alone after visiting a friend in Cork Prison.

He was shot dead during the 45-minute period in which he was alone at Ashbourne Court.

His partner discovered him lying in a pool of blood between the hallway and sitting room.

Mr Falsey had been in an upstairs room in the house, and it is possible he did not check to see who was at the door before he answered it.

The gunman is believed to have had his home under surveillance for some time and stalked him back from Cork city. The men arrested this morning can be held for seven days.