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Two firemen hurt after blaze

TWO firefighters were injured as they fought a large blaze at a derelict house in north Dublin early this morning.

The fire broke out in a large abandoned property at Knocksedan, shortly after midnight. Four units of Dublin Fire Brigade took five hours to bring the inferno under control after part of the building collapsed.

The two firefighters were treated in hospital but their injuries were reported to be minor. One man was kept in overnight for observation but was released early today while the second was released after treatment to a leg injury.

The cause of the blaze is being investigated.


The leader of Israel's second largest party warned yesterday that PM Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition could collapse if it fails to reform the military draft system and end exemptions for ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students.

Finance minister Yair Lapid made the threat after a committee meeting tasked with changing the draft rules ended without results.

Lapid's party surged in January's election by vowing to force the ultra-Orthodox to share the burden of military service. Military service is compulsory in Israel from 18, but thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews get exemptions each year to pursue religious studies.


Paul McCartney made his first visit to Elvis Presley's grave and left one of his guitar picks.

According to the Twitter account of the former Beatle, McCartney said the pick was "so Elvis can play in heaven".

The lifelong Elvis fan, who toured Graceland mansion on Sunday, was in Memphis to play a show on the US leg of his Out There tour.


Europe's most-read newspaper is introducing a paywall for part of its online offerings next month.

Bild – Germany's top-selling newspaper and Europe's biggest by circulation – says main news stories will remain free online, but a subscription will be required to view features, interviews and other exclusive content.