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Two arrests as net closes in on brutal gun murderer

The net is closing in on the mobsters who took part in the brutal gun murder of a 21-year-old man who was killed close to his family home.

Dean Johnson was shot in August of last year and gardai arrested three more suspects in the case yesterday.

So far eight people have been arrested and questioned about the murder of Johnson, who was gunned down in a case of mistaken identity at Harelawn Green, Clondalkin, on August 24.

One of the suspects who was arrested in dawn raids yesterday was previously arrested last month and gardai believe that the suspect - aged in his early 20s and from Neilstown - was actively involved in the murder.

Another young man who was picked up yesterday was arrested for the first time in connection with the investigation and he is also aged in his 20s and from the Tallaght area. He was being questioned about withholding information.

A third man, aged 25, was also arrested yesterday evening in connection with the case.

The three were being quizzed last night at Lucan and Ronanstown garda stations and sources said that Dean's heartbroken family are "hopeful" that charges can be pressed in the case.

Dean was shot dead instead of a major gangster who had been out socialising with him earlier on the night. Gardai suspect that this criminal then murdered Clondalkin mobster Jason Carroll (39) a few days later because he believed he was behind the fatal shooting.


Meanwhile, at a sitting of Dublin District Court last month gardai were given permission to keep DNA samples taken from two suspects for three more years. Neither of these are the three that were arrested yesterday.

The court heard that the gunmen fled in a car, which was found burnt out at Collinstown Crescent, with two firearms inside.

A car key was found at the scene and the car it belonged to was in an estate. Gardai had evidence that three men returned to the car but could not open it and so fled the area.