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Two arrested after 'hitman' sparks alert

A MAJOR security alert was sparked when a car dealer who is under an active death threat made a panicked call to gardai saying that he saw a man standing outside his house wearing a balaclava.

Armed officers rushed to the scene at Brickfield Park in Drimnagh, because the man who made the call, Michael Frazer (34), has survived two attempts on his life since March.

When the officers arrived at the scene at 2.20am yesterday, the lone male that Frazer had described was nowhere to be found.

However, they spotted two well-known criminals who have strong connections to warring criminals in the Crumlin/
Drimnagh area.

The duo, aged 23 and 37, were arrested and brought to the nearby Sundrive Road Garda Station for a drugs search. No drugs were found and they were released without charge .

Frazer has survived two attempts on his life so far this year. On the first occasion that mobsters attempted to kill him, Frazer was lured to a meeting in a church car park in Clondalkin on March 26 and a masked gunman then approached and fired three shots at him, hitting him in the back and legs.

However, he was able to drive his Mini Cooper onto the kerb and managed to drive himself to Clondalkin garda station. He made a miraculous recovery and was out of hospital in just three days.


The second attempt on his life came on August 1 when two men fled after attempting to kill Frazer outside a pub in Firhouse at about 9pm.

It later emerged that the would-be assassin pressed the trigger of a handgun three times but the weapon jammed.

Frazer rushed to nearby Tallaght garda station to report the incident. The gun which jammed in the botched hit was later found by gardai.