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Twitter was alive all night with sleepless students

Well, that's one down and I even managed to slip in my word of the day – lackadaisical.

With accessible, easy-to-read texts as well as lovely options for Question B, English Paper 1 wasn't as bad as I expected.

Every student got up yesterday with a general feeling of foreboding; Twitter was alive all night with people who couldn't sleep and unable to get over the fact that this was it.

However, because Paper 1 tests your ability to write rather than your memory and knowledge, it's impossible to study for and shows your adaptability.

The general theme for the paper was story-telling. None of the texts was too difficult. However, there was no extract from a novel, which, considering the theme was story-telling, was odd.

Two articles based on cliff-hangers and Grand Central Station, as well as an interview with William Trevor, marked off the texts and the Question B's ranged from television and radio in the lives of young people (my personal choice) and an opening blurb on celebrating ordinary people.

I was quite tempted to do part B on the third text (Must-see attractions for tourists) and write out my already learned Newgrange essay I have for Art History.

The composing section had an all-encompassing feel about it. A personal essay on music and song, as well as an article about rural vs city life, gave you the feeling the Exams Commission was gearing the pieces towards our generation.

The essay about the tension you find between the everyday treadmill and the gilded promises of life might have put some people off, but I quite liked it and used it as an excuse to moan about the Leaving Cert.

I think most people did the short story A Reunion and the other option – a short story about a character being manipulated or manipulative – were very broad starting points. I knew the second I saw the theme that a descriptive essay would make an appearance and so it did, on glimpsed moments in life.

And now here we are, sore hands and tired eyes, ready to face Paper 2.