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Twins delight for tug-of-love mumARRIVALS: Candice with twin boys and (inset) with Olivia and Ellie

TUG-OF-LOVE mum Candice Gannon has had some much needed joy in her life recently as she has given birth to "miracle" twins.

Candice has been involved in an international custody battle over her eldest daughter Ellie who was taken by her father.

Dublin-based Candice (29) welcomed identical twins Charles and Henry into the world on Tuesday.


And her husband, Irish businessman Philip Gannon, told the Herald that the twins were delivered weeks before their due date as there had been some complicated issues throughout his wife's pregnancy.

"We had two babies sharing one placenta, that makes it a really high-risk pregnancy, and then on top of all of that we had stress," he said.

The couple returned from Madeira to have the babies in Dublin.

They had been living there to be close to Candice's oldest daughter Ellie, who was taken by her father Filipe Silva in 2012, after she went on a holiday to visit him.

Mr Gannon paid tribute to the staff at the Dublin Maternity Hospital and said that mother and babies are "doing really great".

"It's a miracle they were born to be honest. They are really healthy. One had to go to ICU for 48 hours, but he was taken out of there on Wednesday and joined his mother and brother in their room," he said.

The couple now have four children.

Candice had nine-year-old Ellie, from a previous relationship with Silva, and together they also have three-year-old daughter Olivia.

Silva has been formally accused of kidnap and is awaiting trial in the Portuguese courts.