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Twinkle toes Eoghan is a reel dark horse and is Strictly out to win charity fun dance

The Voice of Ireland presenter Eoghan McDermott is donning his dancing shoes as he takes part in Strictly Fun Dancing with a host of other Irish celebrities.

The RTE presenter is looking forward to rehearsing for the big night on November 29 in aid of Breast Cancer Research, but admits that the training is not especially intense.

"I've never done any partner dancing, but after I did my degree in UCD I moved to New York where I was in a dance college," he told the Herald.

"Rehearsals are the opposite of intense - it's only about half-an-hour a week. Caroline Flack is doing Strictly Come Dancing in the UK at the moment and she was saying that they're training for seven hours a day, so it's definitely not on that scale."


Other celebs taking part in the event include Sinead Desmond, Gerald Kean, Vivienne Connolly and Adrian Kennedy.

Eoghan (31) will be kept busy as blind auditions for The Voice of Ireland kick off next week, and he's filling in for Louise McSharry on 2fm. "The radio show is going well. I'm only really guarding it for Louise, but it's pretty good," he said.

"Late night is a funny one - I've never done night time radio before, but it's great - it's a little bit more niche and you get to play more music so it's a bit freer."

Meanwhile, he's looking forward to working with new judges on The Voice, Una Foden and Rachel Stevens.

"I know Una very well, so that'll be a good laugh - she'll be great, and she's been on the show twice before.

"But Rachel Stevens was an absolute curveball, it's amazing."

Eoghan is quick to defend the show, even though it hasn't produced any big stars.

"I suppose loads of people think the winners haven't done huge business so far, and I suppose they haven't set the world on fire.

"At the same time, Conor Quinn - who won the first series - has an amazing band called White Chalk and they've got a really nice vibe and Universal are talking to them at the moment.

"And Kodaline are pushing them really hard. Conor is probably the best hope for an international break at the moment.

"It's an amazing television show, but obviously you really want somebody to do something at the end of it and be successful."