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Twelfth time lucky for car test flop Ray?

A MOTORIST who has failed his driving test 11 times is gearing up for another attempt.

Ray Heffernan (62) insists he will not let the system beat him.

"I am driving now for over 40 years, I have had journalists out in my car and I even had Jonathan O'Brien TD out for a spin. They all think my driving is fine, so I can't understand why I can't pass a driving test," Ray told the Herald.

Ray from Mayfield, Cork, who sat the first of his 11 attempts in 2004 -- failed his latest test on November 10 last.

He has now applied for another exam -- and said he will not stop until "justice is done" and he is awarded his full licence.

Mr Heffernan, a plasterer, keeps his Nissan Almera car in immaculate condition -- and has never had an accident.

"I have been driving for over 45 years and I have driven all over Ireland, London, East Anglia, Birmingham and even Scotland," he said.

"I have heard people say that if you can drive in London you can drive anywhere. But for some reason I still cannot pass a driving test here," he said.

Ray said he was "shocked" at how some driving test officials assessed his skills -- and has even gone to court to challenge test rulings.

He also said he was "very upset" that some papers had dubbed him as 'Ireland's worst driver'.

"I can't believe some of the things that were written about me but I'm determined to see justice done," he added.


"I'm a safer driver than a lot of others on the roads today," he said.

Ray's provisional licence is valid until 2013 -- allowing him two more years to finally pass his test.

Ray's worst test performance came when he recorded a total of 45 errors during a test run -- a test score that he said is "simply incredible".

"I'm driving a Nissan Almera now but I've driven a Mazda, a Ford Cortina Mk II, a Ford Prefect, a Morris Minor, a Ford Anglia and an Austin.

"I've been driving for years without a problem including all over London, Birmingham and Glasgow," he said.

"This whole thing has cost me a small fortune -- it is not cheap to sit your driving test now. But I'll see justice done yet."