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Tweeter Andrews trapped in sting by target's husband

FORMER Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews was unmasked as a phantom tweeter in a sophisticated sting by the husband of a businesswoman he criticised.

The man caught Mr Andrews in action using photo and video surveillance.

Using the phoney Twitter account, Mr Andrews posted more than 300 tweets, many criticising Micheal Martin and other senior FF figures.

His identity was revealed, however, because he questioned the professional integrity of Dublin businesswoman Kath-ryn Byrne, who runs a PR firm in south Dublin and is also on the FF national executive.

She said Mr Andrews had used the Twitter account @brianformerff to question her personal and professional integrity.

She said the 'online vendetta' drove her husband to put the sting in place: "Eddy [Carroll] has never been a member of Fianna Fail or any other party. Had Chris Andrews restricted his comments to purely political matters, Eddy would have had no motivation to track him.

"It was only when Chris started questioning his wife's professional integrity and reputation that he felt he must take action."

The couple live in Sandymount just miles from the Rathmines internet cafe where Mr Carroll tracked Mr Andrews down, by setting up a Twitter account and interacting with Mr Andrew's fake account.