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TV3's Mark hits out at rivals' hefty salaries

TV3's Mark Cagney has said he and his Ireland AM co-stars are more "relatable" to viewers as they're not on €500,000 salaries.

The presenter has said that the Irish public sees him and his fellow presenters "warts and all" on their screens every day.

Alluding to the large wages that some of RTE's top presenters command, he says this only adds to their own appeal.

"There is no question about it - if you're on half a million a year, you are removed from the normal person," he said. 


"We've never had that and there's never been a 'them and us' with the audience and it's one of the things that people feel it's OK to smile and walk up and talk to you in the street because they feel you're one of them."

He thinks the public can view some RTE presenters as living in a different world, thanks to their healthy salaries.

"They're like 'how can you know what it's like to struggle to put food on the table? You can't.' And it doesn't matter how much natural empathy those people have.

"Some of those people are very good friends of mine, I grew up in the business with them and fair play to them, let them get whatever they can," he said.

He and co-presenters Sinead Desmond, Anna Daly, Alan Hughes and Aidan Cooney will celebrate 15 years of the show next month.