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TV3's Late Lunch Live is a perfect fit - as long as I stay away from the food

Late Lunch Live, my show on TV3 that I present with Martin King, celebrated its first birthday on Tuesday and I just can't believe it's been a year already.

Top chef Derry Clarke came in to cook for us to mark the occasion - he cooked on our very first show so it was wonderful to have him back.

Another guest of ours was Senator David Norris and it's brilliant that he's on the mend now. He was full of life and fun as always.

Yesterday, we had celebrity chef to the stars Stuart O'Keeffe on the show telling us all about the Kardashians, which was great fun.


Next week we have brilliant guests on like Sharon Corr, Mario Rosenstock, Andrew Maxwell and Cathy Kelly. The great thing about Late Lunch Live is that we have our celebrity guests on for the whole show rather than just five minutes and we have them cook with us as well which is a laugh.

One of my stand-out highlights from the last year on the show was when Mario Rosenstock presented the weather with Martin while also doing an impression of Martin.

It's been brilliant working on such a foodie show - this time last year I would burn a boiled egg and the other day I made a curried parsnip and apple soup.

I cannot stress how bad I was in the kitchen so learning how to cook from all the amazing chefs on the show has been a major highlight for me.

The only bad thing about having all this amazing food on the show is that I tend to eat a lot of it.

During the ad breaks Martin might taste the food but I tend to finish the plate because it's so good.

So the only thing is that I need to do is lose about ten pounds after chowing down on all the delicious grub.

What I really love about Late Lunch Live and working at TV3 is that it suits family life.

When I had my daughter Holly I said that I would love a job where I got to do what I love but also be there for my kids and this just fits that bill perfectly.

Balancing work with family life can be pretty full on and I have to set my alarm pretty early in the mornings to fit everything in.

The other day, I was standing in my kitchen - in my dressing gown with spiky hair looking nothing like the girl you see on the telly - at twenty to seven in the morning cooking meatballs for dinner that evening because as soon as the kids are home, they're hungry so I have to be prepared.

But it's all good fun, especially for a job that I love.