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TV3 star Alan Hughes rushed to hospital after heart scare, but vows the show will go on


Alan Hughes

Alan Hughes

Alan performs in his 21st Panto

Alan performs in his 21st Panto


Alan Hughes

The show must go on for Alan Hughes after he suffered a serious health scare over the weekend.

The Ireland AM presenter said he had trouble breathing, prompting fears he was suffering a heart attack. His husband Karl Broderick rushed him to hospital and medics discovered that Alan's oxygen levels had dropped "dangerously" low.

Alan is reprising his role as Sammy Sausages in his 21st panto, Cinderella but was worried he may have to drop out after he had trouble breathing following the fall at rehearsals.

"I had a bit of a scare but I'm grand now," he told the Herald.

"I had a fall on Wednesday at rehearsals but I didn't go to the doctor because I didn't have time.

"But on Sunday night I had a pain in my back and it was so hard to catch my breath that I knew I had to go to the doctor."

After a trip to the Swift Clinic, Alan was sent to Beaumont Hospital where he was monitored overnight.

However, doctors quickly ruled out any heart problems and ran multiple tests to figure out why his oxygen levels were so low.

"It wasn't a heart attack, it was brought on from something else - when I fell I got some internal injuries so I couldn't catch my full breath," Alan explained.

"The doctors said that my oxygen levels were so low that they couldn't let me go, that I'd have to be monitored overnight."

Alan said that doctors were happy that he wasn't seriously ill but told him to rest up. But Alan said he won't be sitting out the opening week of the show.

"They said it was internal bruising so they kept me in but like the old saying goes, the show must go on so I was back in rehearsals yesterday and doing some filming with homeless people last night for Ireland AM," he said. "The doctors told me to take it easy but I said 'I can't, I'm opening a show on Wednesday.'"

"It's the worst time of year for me for something like to happen but they just said to rest as much as I can," Alan added.

Alan's husband Karl feared the worst initially when he was transferred to A&E.

"His oxygen levels had dropped to dangerous levels. Alarms and everything went off," Karl said online.

But Alan said that they are thankful that he's been given the all-clear.


"Karl did get a bit of a fright, I think he had both his husband and his producer hats on that night," he said. "I wish I had a few days to rest but the show must go on."

Despite his fall Alan says rehearsals are going well and they're all set to have a special guest next week.

"The cast are all minding me, they're all hanging horse shoes around the theatre," he laughed.

"Nadia Forde will be coming in to visit us the night after she flies home so that'll be good too."