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TV star hit me says bus driver

A bus driver who claims she was punched by actor Matthew Fox is asking for his lawsuit against her to be dismissed.

The former star of TV's Lost countersued Heather Bormann earlier this month after she sued him in Cleveland for at least $75,000.

Bormann's lawyer has filed a motion calling Fox's lawsuit frivolous. Fox is seeking at least $50,000 damages on claims Bormann assaulted him and has defamed him.

Bormann claims Fox struck her after she stopped him boarding a bus in August. She says she hit him in self-defence. Fox wasn't charged.

Nasa hunts for

new astronauts

Nasa has launched a recruitment drive for new astronauts despite not owning any suitable spaceship for successful applicants.

"The experience is well worth the wait," promised Nasa flight crew operations director Janet Kavandi.

There will be flights, but not many, with the space shuttle fleet retired. A handful of astronauts each year are launching on a Russian Soyuz spaceship to the International Space Station for six-month stays.