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TV Restaurant critic is injured in city collision

Food critic and star of The Restaurant, Tom Doorley, has undergone surgery after being knocked down by a car while crossing a Dublin street.

The writer and broadcaster was rushed to St James's Hospital suffering fractures to both shoulders following the accident last Thursday night.

He has since had an operation to repair the damage to one of the fractures and is undergoing physiotherapy.

Now in the Blackrock Clinic, Doorley has taken to Twitter to thank his many friends and fans for their support and update them on his progress.

He explained that he had broken his shoulder and arm socket on one side of his body, and the bone in his upper arm near the shoulder on the other side in the accident.

But still maintaining his sense of humour, Tom tweeted: "Next time I slow roast a shoulder of lamb I shall do so with extra anatomical interest. Bah!".

Doorley thinks he will be out of action for a few months while he recovers and concentrates on getting mobility back, but has said he is thankful to be alive.

"Good to be still alive," he tweeted to many who asked how he felt following the incident.

Because of his injuries, Tom will miss today's launch of the 2015 season of The Restaurant which is now moving to TV3 after ten years with RTE.

Looking after Tom is a responsibility that his wife Johann will now take on.

Mirroring her husband's wry outlook she tweeted: "Six weeks of having to cut up Tom Doorley's dinner will be interesting".

During his college days at Trinity College Tom made his first impact on the Irish media scene as a newsreader on pirate radio station ARD.

Since then he has written about food and wine for number of newspapers.