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TV presenter in court battle

A TV presenter will appear in court today accused of wasting police time over claims that he killed a former lover dying of Aids. Ray Gosling (70) made the claims in a BBC pro-gramme on death and dying.

During the programme, shown earlier this year, the veteran broadcaster and gay rights campaigner claimed to have smothered a friend as he lay dying in hospital.

A lengthy police inquiry followed, during which he was interviewed several times on suspicion of murder. Gosling, who could be jailed for up to six months, has apologised.

Worker wins on loo breaks

A call centre worker who was stopped from using the toilets has won a lawsuit against her employer.

A labour court in San Paulo, Brazil, ordered the employer to pay $2,200 (€1,600) to the 36-year-old woman who said supervisers never allowed her to use the toilets for more than five minutes at a time.