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TV millionaire jailed for attack

The first millionaire winner of new game show Red Or Black? has served time in prison for attacking another man.

Nathan Hageman picked up £1m (¤1.14m) on the roulette-themed ITV show at the weekend.

Reports today said that Mr Hageman, a 31-year-old bricklayer, from Reading, was jailed for five years for attacking his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend after breaking into his flat.

"I was an idiot for doing it, I know, but that's the state of mind I was in," he said. He served two and a half years.

'Widow' beats eating record

The Black Widow of eating contests has scoffed 183 chicken wings in 12 minutes to break her own world record set last year in Buffalo, New York.

Sonya Thomas took home first place at the 10th annual National Buffalo Wings Festival. She beat eating marvel Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, who ate 174 wings.

The two also won titles at the July 4 hot-dog eating contest on Coney Island, New York. Thomas is called the Black Widow becomes she often beats male competitors in contests.