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TV hit Riviera 'lives on' without Jordan


Writer-director Neil Jordan

Writer-director Neil Jordan

Writer-director Neil Jordan

It was headline news last year when Neil Jordan publicly disowned Sky drama Riviera shortly before it aired.

However, Sky has ann-ounced that Riviera will "live on" without him after it commissioned a second season of the show starring Julia Stiles.

Speaking about the programme with plot lines involving dodgy art dealers, drug-fuelled yacht parties and elaborate death scenes, creator and co-writer Jordan had said: "I can't claim it's mine. If I had been in control of the thing it would have been quite different."


He said the episodes he wrote were later changed despite his staunch objections. He added that he had planned a darker drama.

Sky commissioning editor Cameron Roach confirmed that Jordan will have no creative involvement in the next season.

With more than 20 mill-ion downloads, Riviera is the best-performing new Sky box set ever. It was promoted as giving viewers an insight into "the opulent playground of the world's filthy rich".

Discussing Jordan's negative remarks about the show, Cameron said: "Before any show airs, I think a creative person experiences nervousness and that manifests itself in a variety of ways."

Cameron said Jordan remains "in communication" with the team, and added that he would be interested in collaborating with the Crying Game director in the future.

However, he stressed that Riviera will "live on" without the Dubliner.

"Obviously, without Neil we wouldn't have these amazing characters or this amazing world, but these big television series are team efforts. I think the central creation from Neil will live on," he said.

He added that "there's no bad blood" with Jordan.