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TV doctor quits A&E - because he's burned out

RTE star Dr Mark Hamilton is quitting the A&E department for general practice as he is "burned out".

The doctor, who hosts RTE's hit show How Long Will You Live?, has worked in an emergency department for 10 years but says it's time to quit.

The medic is now hoping to open his own general practice in a few years' time and believes he is making the right decision.

This will involve taking three years out to be trained in the specific area.

"I have just recently changed my job. I was burnt out, to be honest. I needed a change and I wanted to do something different. I have been doing A&E for over 10 years now," the doctor told the Herald.

"It will take three years to be fully trained in General Practice but it's not that long and I definitely think it's worth it. I'm still working in the hospital at the moment. I've moved to a different one to get a top up in experience in other specialities."

The busy father-of-two said that although the hours are tough and the shifts are hard to get used to, he knows three years of hard work will definitely pay off in the long term.

"Right now it is difficult as I'm on call all the time and I have been doing a lot of night shifts and it's hard when you have a family but thankfully my family are really supportive of me.

"The plan is to add more strings to my bow and I am enjoying it so far."

Mark, who is also a DJ, took part in a medical show for the BBC this summer, but says he has no plans to start his own radio show here in Ireland.