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Turn 'hostile' Wolfe Tone plaza into a park again, says councillor


Wolfe Tone Park before it was converted into a plaza

Wolfe Tone Park before it was converted into a plaza

Wolfe Tone Park before it was converted into a plaza

THE former park at Wolfe Tone Square should be restored as a green space featuring its ancient grave stones, a city councillor has argued.

The park, which had become known for anti-social behaviour was converted into a modern plaza in 1998 to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of Irish revolutionary Theobald Wolfe Tone, who was born nearby.

Now Cllr Mannix Flynn wants to see the green area restored, criticising the lack of parks on the city's northside and describing the current set-up at the square as "hostile".

"It was a place that a of people would come to visit with the beautiful church and park," he told the Herald. "A while back there was a bit of anti-social behaviour in the park and because of that it was more or less demolished by the City Council and all traces of its origin have been wiped off."

Cllr Flynn said that there is "nothing inviting" about the area since the park was built over.

"The grounds of the old park are now just hostile," he said.

Many of the headstones from the original graveyard beside St Mary's Church have been moved in what Cllr Flynn branded an act of "sacrilege".


"In my opinion they've basically committed an act of sacrilege by turning the old headstones into flagstones," he said.

"This part of the city is ideal for regeneration and there's a real lack of green space in the O'Connell Street area - there isn't even a place to sit down."

The councillor suggested that more of an effort should be made to turn the park into a commemoration for the national historical figure, and that the current plaza should be redesigned into a green space similar to the original park.

"This place would enshrine the legacy of Wolfe Tone in this decade of celebrations and commemorations," he said in a motion to Dublin City Council.

"A living, thriving space in the form of a green park with a connection to the origins of the original park green space and graveyard would be ideal," he said.