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Turmoil in work for migraine sufferers

NEARLY one in three migraine sufferers say they have received disciplinary action at work because of their condition, new research suggests.

And according to research by the Migraine Trust, almost half feel unsupported by their bosses and colleagues.

One woman questioned said she had lost her last three posts over time off ill.

The charity, which surveyed 348 people who suffer from the condition, said that it has introduced a new employment toolkit to help sufferers and their colleagues.

Separate research conducted by migraine treatment Imigran Recovery, implies that stress is the most common trigger for migraines. It was blamed as the most common migraine cause by 94 of 100 doctors questioned.

London-based GP Dr Sarah Jarvis said: "The impact of stress on our health can never be underestimated.

"Where there's a migraine attack, then for a lot of my patients, there's normally stress involved.

"Avoiding stress can be difficult, but it is only through sustained lifestyle changes, alongside medication, that migraine can be controlled."