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Tubs loved 'bonkers' Late Late song row

IT was "bonkers", but TV host Ryan Tubridy enjoyed every moment of the Eurosong spat on the Late Late Show.

Tubridy said he knew there was a "storm brewing" due to tensions between mentor Billy McGuinness and expert panellists Louis Walsh and Linda Martin before the show last Friday night.

The initial row stemmed from when McGuinness called for Walsh to be removed from the panel as he had links to former X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg and the winner, Kasey Smith, who he formerly managed in girl group Wonderland.

McGuinness then criticised pop guru Walsh, as well as former Eurovision star Martin, for using their influence to sway the public vote on air.

Speaking on his 2fm radio programme yesterday, Tubridy said he enjoyed the row.

"As TV goes, did I enjoy it? Yeah, I did. I thought it was bonkers television and I like a bit of bonkers TV," he said.

"It was like driving a car with no brakes going down a hill. I quite like that. It's live.

"You won't get that kind of show on other stations because they will edit it all off and that's what makes the Late Late Show a little bit special."