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Tubs 'little bit nervous' ahead of Africa trip

Ryan Tubridy admitted he's "a little bit nervous" ahead of his first charity trip to Africa.

The RTE presenter explained he has been asked to go on numerous charity jaunts before, but had always been tied up presenting at the BBC.

As he has taken a break from his gig across the pond this summer, he now has time to go on a trip to Ethiopia with Irish charity Goal.

"I've been asked to go on a trip for a charity before and I really just didn't have the time to do it," he said.


"I've never been to Ethiopia never mind to Africa and I have a curiosity about this country's relationship with famine.

"Goal have been working there for decades but I've never been at the heart of the story so I'm going to go in the first week of August.

"I'm very excited and a little bit nervous - I think it will be life transforming. It will be one of those extraordinary experiences," he added.

Tubs will be taking a break from the airwaves from today as he prepares for the trip.

"I'm going to get all the shots in the arm next week and prepare. It's like going to another world altogether," he said.