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Tubs' joy as Toy Show's 1.36 million viewers makes it No1


Late Late Toy Show

Late Late Toy Show

Late Late Toy Show

The Late Late Toy Show has become the most-watched programme of the year, with more than 1.3m people tuning in to watch the festive favourite.

The ratings were slightly down on last year, as host Ryan Tubridy had feared.

Figures show that 1.357 million people watched the Christmas extravaganza, down around 20,000 on last year's show, with 70pc of the country tuning in at some point.

However, despite the slight drop, the Toy Show beat the shocking Love/Hate Season 5 finale (just over one million viewers) to become the most watched show of 2014 so far.

"I'm delighted with the viewership figures and would like to thank everyone who tuned in to watch the Late Late Toy Show," Tubridy said in response to the figures. "It's a bonkers programme and I love presenting it.

"But it's the children who make the show what it is and the whole experience more fun and special for everyone."


Tubridy (41) had told the Herald last Thursday that it was unlikely that this year's show, which had a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme, would top last year's figures.

"I have no intention of exceeding that viewership figure from last year - I don't think that's realistic at all," he said.

"I don't think we'll beat that record from last year because it was through the roof. I don't think it would be realistic of me to say we could - I would banish that myself.

"If we can get close to that I'd be delighted."

The annual festive show proved hugely popular on RTE Player for both domestic and international audiences, attracting close to 150,000 streams - an increase of 30,000 on last year.

Proving the Irish abroad still want their Toy Show fix, more than 62,000 streams were by international audiences, with 40pc coming from the UK, 16pc from the US and 11pc from Australia.

The Toy Show will be available to watch on the RTE Player until December 19.